Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bringing Chaos to Order

I contemplate my fate and see clouds encircle my feet.

Skipping stones on the oceans surface, 
I count the tattered reflections as they travel outwards to form pictures imperfect.

Answers don't come in the ink blots as they used to, 
but go as they always have from my grasp- an easy mistake.

Patience is a virtue best served in solitude-
watching a flower become a fruit from within earshot of hunger can drive a person happy with madness;
please satiate.

I prick my finger when my palm becomes hot with molten minerals,
with blood and passion I attempt to paint a rosy future without ripples, 
but the parchment turns wet.

Not a dry eye in the room,
a room in which my thoughts bounce off walls in crooked jackets attempting to straighten out.

Krishna Volk

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