Sunday, October 4, 2009


I haven't forgot

that I really need to wake-

I'm tired of sleep

summer night cottage

atmosphere hammock visions-

the wind must carry me

seeing through eyelids

grants monolithic skin tones -

the cradle sits still

I dream of being

weightless above the crescent -

respite speaks farewell

fan like hands make waves

I ride atop their namesake -

departure bears fruit

ripening on gold

I'm shadow cast in their lumen-

flaxen silhouette

erosion's outline

enfolds my shadow now fair-

approaching daybreak

eyes glint in the sun

window to the soul ajar-

captured by freedom

a dilating draft

to and fro rainbows stain glass-

the window unclasps

and I become that;


© Krishna Volk 2009

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