Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sometimes We Forget that We Need to Wake Up

Sometimes we forget that we need to wake up
and to speak to our face in the mirror.
Have you looked at the sky this week?
Just weather notes.
What are you going to see?
And I can't watch through the window anymore,
I have to have the air through my skin.
But there is rain. For someone
who has been sitting for days,
an umbrella is not necessary.

Where is the ground when my feet
touch wet grass and rain falls like a screen?
After being soaked, I forget the name of water.
The view is unscathed
by those who want to compress.
I try to identify the sides of the round wall,
glimmering in inconstancy.
What can you understand from shapes
and the length of what you see?
I want to walk to the other side.

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