Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Thousand Journeys Inward

1) One thousand petals . One Flower on one branch brings the appearance of life to one tree;
Separation is an illusion of the optics,

as you can witness the play but can't see the real me/

2) Nor can I, cause the physical eyes are sensory,
and can't see the truth of these vibratory entities/

3) Known as man, referred to as humans in long hand,
the extended description still sheds no light on the plan/

4) You must experience truth, which is impossible to explain,
You must puncture a hole in the roof of your skull and watch your ego drain/

5) You must feel the rain as if it has caught fire and is raining flames;
 it doesn't consume but sustains, and in death it remains as the bliss which splits the chains/

6)- That bind, like past conditionings and pride,
which is why we feel much more alive after we've died/

7)-And taken second birth, from the egg to the sky,
on the wings of the goddess, as the father watches hovering near by/

8)Up to this point I've avoided that fountain trying to stay dry,
though I thirsted insatiably, throat parched like the paper ancients use to inscribe/

9)I had to choose- either drink or cease to survive,
so I decided to quench my thirst and not constantly bite the hand the provides/

10)-But hold it, trust it, and surrender to the path which it guides,
leading me out of the forest of illusion- where many have laid down to die/

11)I must go home now, as I can longer wait;
Mother has been calling for me, and im already late/

©Krishna Volk 2007

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