Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Serpentine Effect

A coiled snake, gracefully placed in woven basket(s),
when it passess it awakens the dead from laquered caskets//

It just a fact its, light rewrites the blackness,
like fresh water gently caressing a pile of ashes//

It's classic, that meaning ancient,
lodged inside your self, turn inwards and behold your greatness//

Beyond contemplation, achieved only through silent observation,
on occasion ideas of the self cease all type of operation//

And you stop speaking when crossed legged position creeps in, thoughts frequent stop on the spot when in the deep end//

Of consciousness, bliss ocean beyond your common sense,
cool breeze with shatter the leaves- behold her omniscience//

Mother divine, casts illumination,
as she sits on her throne since the dawn of creation//

Commonly placed in-side your self and adjacent,
to Shri Shiva who displays the calmest of faces//

Known to man, peace eternal, God within man,
part of the plan unknown to most living a sham///

That is modern times, where truth is no different from lies,
only those gifted with eyes read the script through the lines//

©Krishna Volk 2007

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