Monday, March 1, 2010

Soul Sentiments

Picture this, a scene from an epic,

beamed with a light so intense that it triggers epileptics-

into the modern day, fine art with a modern sway,

reaches out and touches the dead speaking to them inaudibly.

Whispering winds animate atrophied limbs,

when the sublties of all that is lovely begin settling in-

and taking root, the root cause of joy speaking in mute,

spoke quietly of itself like air passes through flutes.

Beautiful; pictures worth a thousands of words living on easels,

spring to life like soil life when light lays waste to the evil-

that being the darkness, colors of grey give a shade it's carcass,

in the wake of it's destruction divinity choirs a string of notes like a harp is;

That's what the heart is.

©Krishna Volk 2010

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